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Sex Offender Contacting Daycare in the Area

The following is an email from Neal Turner, Emergency Services Coordinator for Montgomery County:

I am not trying to frighten or alarm you, but I know all of you have small children (or know someone with small children) in nearby daycares, and I wanted to be sure this information got passed along. I provided a link below to the picture and info of a convicted sex offender that contacted the daycare where Nikki (my daughter) works—yesterday. He said his name was “Mark” and told her he had just gotten custody of his 4 year old daughter and was interested in day care for her. He even went as far to make an appointment for a tour on Wednesday. He then called back a second time and told Nikki he was interested in daycare on the weekends and asked her if she was interested. She, not knowing any better, gave him our home phone number to contact her. After she talked to him for a few minutes—he started to give her the creeps. He called our house last night and I spoke with him….he told me that his daughter was 11 years old. Needless to say, he also freaked me out. He had blocked his number at the daycare, but wasn’t smart enough to do that at my home and I found him on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry.

I sent an email to a state police lieutenant last night and have left a message with his probation officer this morning. The lady I spoke with at the probation office said he was being watched. Nikki found out this morning that he had also contacted Tiny Treasures in Christiansburg yesterday.

I just want to inform you and make you aware. Please pass this information along to your daycares. Here is the link:


Take care everybody and we’ll all be watching out for our kids!

Neal Turner
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