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blacksburgva's Journal

Blacksburg, Virginia
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Due to a recent incident, membership in this community now requires approval and non-members may no longer post. This change has been made in response to a recent occurrence of hate speech, the likes of which cannot be tolerated. Working for a media organization, I am loathe to restrict any individual right to free speech; but in light of recent events, some sensitivity and discretion is required which some people seem incapable of.

With that said, the worlds thoughts and prayers are with the Virginia Tech community. The outpouring of sympathy and support shown by both alumni and non-Hokies is touching, in that, the world really has not become completely callous to the wounds of others.

This community is dedicated to people who live in Blacksburg, Virginia. Anyone from Blacksburg, or who is a student or alumni of Virginia Tech is welcome. Come talk about things to do or that are going on in Blacksburg, you're experiences at VT, or anything else relevent to the area!

This community only has one rule, there will be no flaming, regardless of whether or not you think someone's stupid, ignorant or otherwise impaired. BE NICE! I'm going to trust your judgement on what is relevent to Blacksburg or VT, don't make me go through the effort of having too actually think up more rules!